Grapple, Three 1/8″ Tines


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The Detonation Technology grapples are designed specifically for dismounted C-IED operations.  The four tines fold flat to be tucked out of the way in a pouch or pocket, then snap open with a twist of the wrist.  There are no parts to thread together or lose.  We believe this is the best grapple on the market for Explosive Ordnance Disposal use.

Conventional climbing grappling hooks aren’t ideal for EOD for a variety of reasons.

First is size. A climbing grapple needs to be large enough to hold you, plus a safety margin. An EOD hook only needs to be stronger than you are, since that is all the load that is put on it. Overkill on strength leads to extra size and weight.  The difference between this grapple at less than 5/8″ thick and a climbing grapple at 2″ means you can keep this one on the front of your body armor in a pouch or pocket, instead of a climbing grapple stuffed in a pack. This may not seem like much to the uninitiated, but those seconds are a big deal when you’re hunting IEDs.

Second is geometry.  The center of gravity on climbing grapples is normally at or above the point of the tines, so when conducting a drag there is a tendency for the grapple to roll up on it’s end. The center of gravity on our grapples is below the point of the tines to keep the tines engaged with the ground.  In addition, the angle of the tines to the shaft is less acute on our grapples.

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