Digging Knives

Digging “tools” would be more appropriate, if you are trying to cut anything other than dirt you will be sorely disappointed.

Digging Knife in MOLLE

DK-1 Steel Digging Knife

The stainless steel used in the DK-1 is selected for toughness.  Full tang blade, 8″ long, 1″ wide, and 1/4″ thick. Weight is just under 10 ounces.   Anodized aluminum slab handles attached with stainless steel fasteners.

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DK-3 Large Non-Conductive Probe

The non-conductive probe provides more digging ability than a standard round probe, and can be safer to use than a steel knife under some circumstances.  These are a consumable item, depending on the soil type and use the tip will wear down over time, so there is no lifetime warranty on the non-conductive probes. 6″ blade, 11″ overall.

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DK-4 Compact Non-Conductive Probe

Same as above, but with a 5″ blade, 8-7/8″ overall.

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